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Offloading supplies

Indianapolis, Indiana … The need to protect incoming medical supplies at the Action for Progress/Malawi Project distribution center in Malawi is self-evident. The incoming shipments containing these supplies must be protected until they can be distributed to hospitals throughout the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be life-threatening, so the need for more PPE supplies is critical. In order to protect these, and other supplies awaiting distribution, a protective wall has been designed and, with your help, will soon be constructed. To encourage your gift, a Malawi Project contributor has purchased hand-carved letter-openers made in Malawi as a symbol of the hope you are opening up for the people of Malawi. Anyone who sends $100.00 or more to help build the wall will receive this gift as long as supplies last, so please act now with your contribution. Each $3.00 will purchase, deliver, and put in place another cement block in the wall. When completed, the wall will contain 18,650 blocks. So, even if you cannot send $100.00 will you please send $3.00? It can be done by check or on-line at

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