Lilongwe, Malawi … “The wall is going up. The wall is not going up! 

“We need the wall. We don’t need the wall!” 

“Who is going to fund the wall? Those in authority cannot decide about the funds!”

“Go with the Wall. Stop the wall.”

The debate continues across the U.S. concerning the wall across the Southern border. But wait, WAIT. While this is a major question in the halls of government, schools, classrooms, homes, and businesses across America, it is not the only wall in the world, and it is not the only one drawing attention. And it is not the only one that is being built at this precise moment. An example of this is the protective wall around the Action for Progress property just west of Lilongwe. 

Unlike the wall across the U.S. southern border, there has never been any doubt about this wall. It is important. It is needed. No one has asked if it is necessary. Funding has been obtained and materials purchased. The wall it is well along the road to completion. The property will now be more secure, and the donated supplies that are badly needed all across the nation will reach their destination with even more assurance than in the past.

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