Third V-Tractor Begins Field Cultivation

Chief Looks on in Disbelief

Tribal Chief Mdelakwanda, the traditional authority over a number of fishing villages in Senga Bay, Malawi, looks on in amazement at a unique tractor design that exists no place else on earth except Malawi. Not only is he surprised and puzzled by this exclusive farm tractor, the same surprise and excitement is soon seen on the face of the Right Honorable Joyce Banda, the Vice President of Malawi.

With five years in design and development, the V-Tractor is the creation of Tom Rich of Lebanon, Indiana. It currently promises to make a major agricultural impact, not only in Malawi, but also in a number of third world nations.

In 2009 the Malawi Project helped Rich spawn Agricultural Aid International (AAI), a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, humanitarian aid organization based in Lebanon, Indiana USA.  AAI has a focus on supplying V-Tractors and various other successful farm practices to their world countries.

Just prior to the monsoon rains, the third V-Tractor arrived near Senga Bay and was immediately put into service preparing fields made available by the tribal chief. Rich made his second trip to Malawi in as many years in order to train the Malawians to use the tractors. Both the Vice President of Malawi, and Tribal Chief Mdelakwanda were impressed with the performance and potential of the tractor. Vice President Banda extended an immediate request for some of the units to be used to assist a number of orphan care programs she sponsors in southern Malawi.

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