Lilongwe, Malawi … One of the foundation principles of both the Malawi Project and Action for Progress is to help the nation of Malawi become self-sustaining and independent.  Dick Stephens, co-Founder and Board Member for the Malawi Project reflects.

“For too long,” Stephens observes, “there has been a feeling among many in Malawi that little can be done to improve their lives without outside aid. While this may be true at the development and beginning of programs, (a lack of investment causes many programs to fail before they can get started) a small investment in the beginning can function as seed money to develop, enhance, and strengthen the foundations that will generate success on a local level). While the Malawi Project is committed to assisting AfP over the long-term to continue the process that leads groups to independent action, there is also the recognition that examples are more effective than words alone. The two groups recently introduced green houses at the Lilongwe center to set up a program that would reflect these goals.”

Wilson Tembo, the Executive Director for Action for Progress observed, “To help us raise some of the funds we need for administrative expenses we recently were able to obtain two green houses. These will aid in the production of Horticulture products that can sold to generate funds for our administrative expenses. We are currently raising tomatoes. These remain in very high demand both in the urban and rural areas. Globally, tomatoes are consumed in large quantities. In our first year of production, we are raising large quantities of tomatoes which should help us realize income. We will continue moving forward and hope in year two that we will break even with the crop.”

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