V-Tractor Called in Emergency

V-Tractor Cleanup on Lake MalawiSenga Bay, Malawi … The shock came as owners and managers of businesses all along the beach front viewed the problem each in the morning. Sometime during the night large masses of debris had washed up on the beaches interrupting any plans for visitors to visit the beach areas until it was cleaned up. It didn’t take much for workers who rushed in to clean the beaches to realize the limbs, brush, soil and other debris was so tightly packed and piled along the beach that it would nearly be impossible to remove it by hand.

“It was early when the call came. The person at the other end of the line sounded like he was near panic.” recalls Samantha Ludick of the Cool Runnings Resort in Senga Bay. “This is one of my greatest competitors and they would never admit they needed me, unless of course they were really in trouble.”

The explanation from the other end of the line indicated they were in fact in some difficulty and all of the workers they could put on the problem could not solve it in time. The beach was covered in the mass of debris that was affecting resorts all along the beachfront. They were working at it, but the job could not be resolved in time. Malawi’s Vice President was coming to their facilities for a big, important meeting, and they were up against the deadline, with no way to clear the beach in time for the event.

“They wanted me to send my people, and our V-Tractor to help them clear the beaches,” Ludick notes. “Well, this was no time for us to see them as a competitor. I advised my men about the problem and they were excited with the opportunity to help the largest resort in the area. In just a short time they were dressed in their “cool agriculture” shirts and away they went.”

“It wasn’t long before the V-Tractor, and the wagon it carries behind it, were able to make short order of the beach cleaning project. The tractor saved the day for the resort and made our people heroes.” Samantha concludes. “We not only cleaned up our beach area for our clients we were able to use the tractor to help others. Now this is what it is all about and why the Malawi Project and Ag International made this tractor available to us. We have it in order to help others. That day along the beach the tractor proved its worth and value.”

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