V-Tractor Takes on the Ants

Insects Threaten Camp

Senga Bay, Malawi … Located in one of the poorest nations on earth the small lake resorts along the beaches of Lake Malawi must work especially hard to maintain enough business to survive. To lose revenue can be serious, and to loose it for a long period of time can be critical. For the Cool Runnings Resort the popular campsite area is located on green, watered lawns, beside well manicured flower gardens. It adds enough to keep overall operations in the black, and is an important part of the revenue stream. Of importance is the fact that it’s owner, Samantha Ludick helps oversee a number of the aid programs carried out by the Malawi Project in the eastern-central lake portion of Malawi. Thus, the health of the lake resort holds a special significance to Project programs.

One of the major programs conducted by Ludick is with one of the V-Tractors from Ag International in Lebanon, Indiana. The tractor has a wide array of uses including farm cooperatives with local villages that have no mechanized equipment.

Recently an unexpected problem arose at the resort, and the V-Tractor was called into use to resolve it. Ludick explains.

“We were faced with a problem in the garden with regards to little black ants, they were everywhere. How could we get rid of them? We were given information about a chemical that is environmentally friendly, but it must have be mixed into a diluted water mix and then sprayed on the land. This was impossible for it would take days to administer through the use of a nap sack. Saidi and Magic, two of my employees, reminded me that “My Ferrari” (our V-Tractor) has a water tank, and it’s 70 gallon capacity should be able to cover half of the garden. The tank could agitate the chemical… hmm why not?”

“First the drivers filled the tank with water. We were amazed how the village tractor could carry as much as 70 gallons (265 liters), but my guys were curious to see how long it would take to fill the tank, and also how it would do when it had to move across the sandy beach fully loaded with water.”

“The men drove to the lake with a watch in hand. They were really putting the tractor to the test. One of them put the water line into the lake, and started to pump. It only took 6 minutes, 24 seconds and the tank was at maximum. Next they made their way across the soft, white sand. The tractor crossed, fully loaded, with ease. It was amazing to watch.”

“Then the chemical was dropped into the tank, hose put into place, and the water stirred up. Then Saidi opened the hose and sprayed the chemical on the lawn. No worries, no fuss. How simple and easy it had been. Another problem solved with the tractor.”

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