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The African sun casts its first rays across the Dowa Mountains shortly after 5:30 in the morning. By the time its brilliant rays have climbed into full view Wilson Tembo has reached the site to document construction already in full swing. Even before daylight people had gathered to participate in the beginning of construction of the first Joseph Project. The excitement is evident and Tembo snaps away with camera capturing smiles, excitement, and the heavy lifting that has fallen to members of the community to move bricks that have been handmade nearby.


While some are moving bricks, others are picking away at the hard earth with hand tools to form the footings and foundation for the grain storage building. The Malawi Project extended the challenge to this group, located about 50 miles along the Salima Road east of Lilongwe, just a few weeks ago. The challenge was immediately accepted; the church membership, coming from a number of local villages, committed themselves to making the bricks, constructing the storage building, and raising, harvesting and storing the grain. The Malawi Project would supply funding for the concrete foundation and metal roof, as well as the needed drip irrigation systems to help the community expand farm production. At nearly 12 meters long and 6 meters wide (40 x 20 feet) the finished building will give the community a measure of security from the cycle of famine that plagues Central Africa. In addition, tribal authority and church leaders will also use a portion of the stored grain to support widows, orphans, aged, and needy people in their area.

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