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Hunger Bites HardOrphans and Elderly Go to Bed Hungry

The level of hunger is swelling each day. Food reserves have run dry. The chance to get additional support has grown lean. People in villages especially, children and women are being critically affected. They are going to bed at night with no food.


Dorothy Mpakula 56 years old is a widow in a remote village some distance from Zomba. She has 3 grandchildren living with her. She reported that last year she only harvested 3 bags of 50 kg of maize. Since 1 kg equals 2.20 lbs her total harvest was only 330 lbs of food for a full year for 4 people. Her entire food reserve was depleted in just three months. “The rains did not come as expected,” she recalls. “Since that time getting any food at all has been very challenging.”


Hunger Bites Hard
At her age, Dorothy, can do little part time work to support the children. “It’s hard to work and earn enough to feed my children. We sometimes go to bed without food”.


Malawi Project Feeds Hundreds

Dorothy and 250 other elderly and orphaned children were recently provided food from the Malawi Project Inc. through the Namikango Mission. During the distribution, the Mission Director, Ben Hayes thanked the Malawi Project for the donation of food for stricken families. “We thank you all for coming to receive this food. The food has been made available to you through us from the Malawi Project. We thank them for that,” he said as he welcomed the people who came for the food.


As she walked home, Dorothy was visibly thankful to God. She had had no hope that she would have food that day.


“I had nothing to eat with my children, but now I have something to eat for several days to come”. She said with a smile.


Reported by Wilson Tembo



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