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Ofesi Mitali

Kaphesi Village, Lilongwe … Three years ago Ofesi Mitali suffered cerebral malaria. This form of malaria is the most serious, seen as the most severe neurological complication of the infection. In sub-Sahara Africa there are over 575,000 childhood cases of cerebral malaria each year. Many die or suffer mental and mobility issues.


When Ofesi contracted cerebral malaria there was no one to help him get to the hospital. His parents had already died, and a sister he was living with had also passed away. He was alone and desperately ill. Since he had never married he had neither wife, nor children to care for him.

Finally some good Samaritans came to his rescue and provided him with medications from a local store. The effects of the malaria were so serious, according to some of his neighbors, that he became paralyzed in both legs. From then until now he has been crawling on the ground. In a vain attempt to protect his hands and knees he tied rags around them to protect them from being cut and scratched. It was some of the women in the church who requested the mobility unit for him. Now his life has changed for the better.

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