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What they have in comonChingalangande Village & Mpandalinga Village … At first glance one would say they have little in common. Doress is a pleasant, vibrant 14-year-old teen-ager from Chingalangande Village west of the historic old colonial capital of Zomba. On the other end of life’s spectrum Merise is a kind, polite, smiling 75-year-old from Mpondalinga Village near the foot of 1,773 meter (5,816 feet) high Chiladzulu Mountain the third highest in southern Malawi. How much can they share when over 60 years of life separates them?


In fact there are a number of things they share in common. They share a common background; both are proverty stricken Malawians who have very little in possessions; both come from the southern region of the country, both suffer greatly because of the famine that has struck their part of the world; both are hungry; and both can do little or nothing to affect their lives at the present time.


They also have another thing in common. They were both chosen to receive food recently from a shipment that was made possible by contributors to the Malawi Project.


What they have in comonRelief is the Word

“Relief” is the way Wilson Tembo described it when these two women arrived at the Namikango Mission to pick up their food. Doress noted her family had spent days without food. “This is the only feed we have in our house,” she said. “It is a relief to us,” added her brother Fredson.


At the other end of the scale 75-year-old Merise said the food has come just in time. I had no food,” she said. Tembo noted it was eash to see she lacked food supplements. Her wrinkled face and skin showed signs of serious food deficits. Merise is a widow who was only able to harvest 4 bags of grain during the last season. She has 7 children and 1 grand child she is trying to care for.


The recent shipment that helped these two women also gave food to 500 other people. You can feed a person like one of these for only $20.00 a month. The harvest in May will give hope. In the meantime, as the shortage growsmore serious, you can send a check or program a n electronic contribution by going to: www.malawiproject.org/donate


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