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The new V-Tractor which was donated to Namikango Mission by the Malawi Project in February of this year has already been making it’s mark. With 90 acres of land, 10 acres of which is farmland at Namikango, there is a great need for mobility and transportation of goods, not to mention taking care of the …


A Letter from Namikango

We recently received a letter from Ben Hayes, Director of the Namikango Mission Bible School , near the city of Thwonde, Malawi.  This is a letter to you, our contributors, volunteers, friends and prayer warriors.  Thank you for helping Ben Hayes and many others touch the lives of the poor. Dick Stephens One of the unique …

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Namikango Faces the Shortages

Thondwe, Malawi …Located in southeastern Malawi, the Namikango Maternity Clinic opened in 1975 in response to the need for maternal health care for a coverage area of over 51,721 people. Today, the center helps deliver as many as 95 babies a month, and in 2011 provided maternal health care for 1,626 pregnant women. Symon J. …

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Namikango AIDS Program Effective

Thondwe, Malawi … The HIV/AIDS pandemic came to the limelight 1985 after the first case was diagnosed in Malawi. Since then, a great deal of focus has come to bear on the problem, in order to bring awareness concerning the dangers, and how to prevent further transmission. Among the initiatives, the Voluntary Counseling and Testing …

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Two Trailers Reach Namikango Hospital … At the Same Time

    When it rains it pours. It is a saying that often has a negative connotation in the circumstances of life. Another saying is that "two are better than one." In this case two instead of one is a really good thing. Although they were shipped with space between ship dates, two trailers filled …

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Tembo Brings Expertise to Namikango

Tembo Family Move to Southern Region   “He brings a level of specialty that we absolutely need as we begin a new ministry,” according to Mark Thiesen of the Namikango Mission in Thondwe, Malawi. Mark continues, “The Malawi Project, a church-related ministry based in Indiana, has begun sending shipping containers of medical supplies that will …

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Namikango Hospital Raises the Roof

If Birds Could Talk     Thondwe, Malawi … If birds could talk perhaps they would be commenting on the beautiful new roof that has been completed on the Namikango Maternity Hospital just east of the Thondwe Trading Center in Malawi Central Africa. The facility sits on the north side of the road between Zomba and …

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Namikango Prepares for U.S. Shipment

Maternity Hospital Staff Reviews Shipment     Over lunch two members of the staff at the Namikango Maternity Hospital, and the American missionary at the Naminkango Mission in Thondwe, Malawi discuss with Suzi Stephens R.N., Medical Director for the Malawi Project Inc., plans for the arrival of the first 40-foot container of medical supplies to the …

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Mark Theisen

Missionary Joins Project Board

At a recent board meeting of the Malawi Project, the vote was unanimous to add Mark Theisen to its Board of Directors.


In 2018 Tembo spearheaded the establishment of Action for Progress, a Malawi not-for-profit, created to work beside the Malawi Project in aid assistance programs throughout the country. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director for the new group, after nearly 20 years of working with the Malawi Project.

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