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View Through the Eyes of a Doctor

I drive to my workplace, but my clients walk from their homes, going up and down some hills and valleys to the clinic. Some have to leave their homes as early as 4:30 a.m. in order to arrive at the clinic at 8:00 a.m.

Medicine Arrives at Just the Right Moment

One runs short of words to describe the enthusiasm of a group of people who has just been taken by surprise with receiving something they never expected. The Malawi Project team has supplied Sacred Promise Clinic with medicine ranging from anti-malaria drugs to antibiotics. The drugs come just in time, since there is a religious …

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Winning One for Hanneck

Hanneck Redson is a 9 year old by with a soft smooth complexion and big dark eyes. He is also suffering from a rheumatic heart disease, and was recently admitted to a local hospital where a visiting American cardiologist diagnosed the boy as having a heart disease. A murmur was heard all over the boy’s …

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Lines for Everything

Southern Malawi … Lines are not unusual in Malawi. There are lines for food, fuel, fertilizer, and frequently there are lines for medicine and medical aid. In a recent shipment of medicines and medical supplies, Dr. Smith Chibaka, of the Sacred Promise Clinic, reports a number of life threatening situations where the supplies made a …

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Right Day, Right Bus

I was on the way from the Namikango Mission to Thyolo. I got out of the truck that had given me a ride, and almost immediately a minibus stopped directly in front of me. The conductor asked where I was going. This bus was going the same direction. I was not in a hurry to …

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Beatrice is Deteriorating Day by Day

The picture is that of Mrs. Beatrice Petani, 59 years old, from Petani Village, Traditional Authority is Changata, Thyolo. Convulsions At Midnight The poor woman was quite well until the night of 29th January 2011 when around midnight she started convulsing and was restless. Her husband wasted no time but rushed her to Malamulo SDA …

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Another Premature Death

It was just like all other mornings for a 12 year old Linda Jailors when she woke up from her bed and walked out to bask herself in the sun. She was feeling a bit cold and thought the sun would help correct the coldness over her body. No sooner had she got outside her …

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It Just Happens

The Pain of Recalling     There is no picture of Lillian Chibaka. The pain of recalling the story can be seen in his face as Doctor Smith Chibaka recalls the events surrounding the last months of the life of his little baby cousin.     Lillian was born in 1999, and was on the way to …

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The Pot of Boiling Water Tips Over On Him

The Cooking Fires Burn Close to the Houses     Those early morning hours will remain unforgettable in Mackson’s life. As always he went to play in the neighborhood with the other children. But this day would not be like other days and unfortunately he was caught up in an accident when a pot of boiling …

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They Kill Before You Know They Are There

They Are Very Small, and Very Deadly You may not get a correct picture of how terrible a mosquito can be until you get bitten by an infected mosquito and go through a process of having a malaria attack. Lack of immediate help may lead you to a premature death. It is unfortunate that these …

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