Abandoned and Alone

Martha Mpandula’s Story
Martha Mpandula
She has always wanted to have a husband and children. She wished the people in the village would pay more attention to her. But it has not happened, and there appeared to be no chance that it would ever happen. Then one day. Then one day in spite of the odds against it ever taking place it happened. They came. With them they brought hope for Martha.

But let’s go back to the beginning of the story of Martha.

Like many Africans Martha Mpandula doesn’t know her birthday. She is sure she was introduced in this world some 35 years ago. She has never walked before. She was born like this, and she grew up in a small village called Chimbayo Village. It is in the area of Traditional Authority Chief Chakhaza, and is about 25 kilometers east of the Madisi Trading Centre, 80 Kilometers north of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.

She is single and does not have any children or a husband. She would love to have a husband, but men did not like her because she could not do anything. Martha felt abandoned by the people in her village.

Then the wheelchair came. This is what Martha asked that you be told,

“I am very happy today for this wheelchair you have sent for me. I did not realize that in this world there are people who can care about me. In my village people abandoned me, and I was lonely. Today I have realized that people do care for me. I thought I had no relatives, but you are my relatives, my parents and my caretaker. I will be able to go to work and produce food and support for myself.”

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