Now I Can Go to Church

Lindeni Chikoho’s Story
Lindeni ChikohoHe is approximately 30 years old, although like many in Malawi he does not know when his birthday is. He lives in Chilawo Village in the Dowa District, very near the central part of the nation of Malawi. He was born crippled and has always been unable to walk to school or to be able to go out into the fields to help his parents do the farm work. He is married and has one little girl.

A few days ago life changed for Lindeni Chikoho. The Blessings staff arrived with a wheelchair that had been donated by the Free Wheelchair Mission in the United States. The team from Blessings distributing wheelchairs near his home, but he could not walk to the place to receive one. A friend put him on a bicycle and carried him to the location. He is deeply appreciative to the friend.

Lindeni offers this expression of his appreciation,

“I am very, very happy today to receive this gift from you. I was unable to perform much of my work because I did not have my own wheelchair, but you have shown true love which was in Christ Jesus. Sometimes I was not able even to go to Church to worship God, when there was no one to take me on his bicycle, but from today I will be able to go to Church without waiting for someone to come and take me. May God continue blessing you all everyday.”

Lindeni is just one of several hundred who will receive a wheelchair because of the efforts of the Malawi Project and the Free Wheelchair Mission to supply wheelchairs to the handicapped in Malawi, Africa.

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