Mitchell, Indiana … Tracy Paul, owner of Cornerstone Advertising of Westfield, Indiana explains the use of several social media tools to members of the Malawi Project Board of Directors. He highlighted how these tools already rest in the hands of the Directors.

During the 2nd quarter board meeting and yearly retreat, held at Turkey Run State Park in Mitchell, Indiana, members who attended from Washington State, western Colorado, Arkansas, and central Indiana, also listened intently as Bill Miller of Brookston, Indiana addressed the group concerning his view of the broad outreach of the Project’s influence both in Malawi and in the U.S.

Tracy Paul talked about ways the board can engage those who have an interest in knowing more about the work of the Project, and how innovative new tools are coming on line that will change the way the business community in the U.S. will prepare and present materials that influence the greater community.

The two-day event highlighted positive reports on the new fish farming program established in Malawi by Action for Progress in recent months, the creation of an innovative maize planter, invented by A. J. Batt of Brookston, Indiana, four new Green Houses installed at the AfP distribution hub over the past year, and a new means for fueling cooking fires in Malawi villages that would not burn firewood for fuel. This latter was created by Dan Brewer, a member of the Board from Huber Springs, Arkansas.

Other highlights of the event included reports indicating the completion of a protective fence and the AfP property in Lilongwe, Malawi, upcoming and recent visits from members of the MP Board of Directors, and plans for coming months to extend food aid to famine areas of the country and shipments of medical supplies and equipment to aid the impoverished nation.

Early morning rains on Friday were unable to dampen the excitement that left the event challenging each member to spread the story of the Project’s successes.

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