Lebanon, Indiana … A series of 5 full color flyers have been prepared detailing information about Malawi. Each flyer gives in-depth information about a particular area or people, and each 8 ½ x 10 flyer is designed to give the reader a fuller picture of Malawi, its people, its culture, and its land. Write today to receive the full set of flyers.

Flyer 1

  • Side 1 – Malawi the Country – A brief overview of the nation of Malawi.
  • Side 2 – Malawi’s Lake – Information about Lake Malawi, the world’s 12th largest freshwater lake.

Flyer 2

  • Side 1 – Malawi’s Adults – An abbreviated view of the gentle, peaceful people who know only a history of peace.
  • Side 2 – Malawi’s Children – View inside the life of a child in an impoverished nation in the sub-Sahara.

Flyer 3    

  • Side 1 – Malawi’s Culture & Religion – Look into the various cultures that make up this southcentral African nation.
  • Side 2 – From the ancient to the modern, Malawians have a rich and deep commitment to their religious faith.

Flyer 4

  • Side 1 – Cities – Although they are much smaller than in most nations, the cities Malawi offer a strong pull for the visitor.
  • Side 2 – Villages – The heartbeat of Malawi is in the villages, where 80% of the population live their lives.

Flyer 5

  • Side 1 – Malawi’s Parks – For a nation so poor in income, Malawi is rich in its natural beauty, and in the parks it was successfully maintained.
  • Side 2 – Animals – No trip would be complete without a trip to a game park. Discover the richness of Malawi as it was 200 years ago.

Contact the Malawi Project to obtain copies of these flyers. Grow your knowledge about one of the most peaceful, kindest, nations on earth today.  Send your name, address and email address to: Flyers, c/o Malawi Project, 2421 Golfside Drive, Lebanon, IN 46052 or to

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