Marshall, Indiana … For the second year in a row the Board of Directors for the Malawi Project met for their annual board retreat at Turkey Run State Park near Marshall, Indiana.

Members drove and flew in from the states of Washington, Colorado, Arkansas, and Indiana.  

Two speakers highlighted the event. Tracy Paul, owner and President of Cornerstone Advertising in Westfield, Indiana pointed out the value and use of social media and print literature in making people aware of everything the Project is doing. He pointed out that new stories go on the website twice a week, and members should avail themselves of this means of introducing the Project to everyone who expresses interest in this mission. He also made note of the new Malawi Project Introductory Book as an additional way the Project can be envisioned.

Bill Miller from Brookston, Indiana underscored the successes of the Malawi Project with examples of what Project involvement means for contributors on the U.S. side of the ocean. He noted the numerical growth the Brookston congregation is experiencing and credited their hands-on involvement with Malawi Project work as the catalyst for this growth. 

Sandwiched between these speakers during the three-day event, were reports on several exciting programs and growing involvement both in Malawi and in the United States. Members were given reports on the new greenhouses and fish farm and updated on the other supplies that have been shipped to Malawi. These items that have, and are, being distributed throughout Malawi include school books, medical equipment, and items to aid Cyclone Freddy victims and the more recent flood victims in the central region. They also received updates on the initial tests of the new UBiT (You Burn it) fire log program, and the relatively new agriculture program with the recently invented maize planter.

The board selected Ron Pottberg and Richard Stephens as the co-chairmen for the Project for the next year. The current Chairman is on a medical leave of absence because of family illness. 

Jim Messenger put the icing on the cake with an impressive presentation of a successful year in contributions and grants in 2023. “It was a very good year,” he said, “and from this vantage point 2024 looks very promising as well.”

            Picture: Ron Pottberg, Director of Agriculture for the Malawi Project, listens intently as Bill and Tracy make presentations.

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