Lebanon, Indiana … In recent years the public school system of Boone County Indiana has become a major contributor of textbooks and school supplies to public schools in Malawi, Central Africa. Through the Malawi Project and Action for Progress, literally thousands of schoolbooks have been donated and sent to Malawi schools nationwide. The books gain a new life as they help educate Malawi’s children for a new future. They are no longer needed in the Boone County schools because of the transition to a new generation of books, the end of a school year when students dispose of the textbooks they used during the previous year, or because the school purchased additional books that were not needed during the previous school year. 

Through the contribution of textbooks, primarily Math, Science, World History, and similar titles the Project and AfP have been able to supply books and supplies to over 1,000 schools. 

Pictured are children from Central Elementary School on Lebanon’s near northside donating books for the next shipment to Malawi.

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