Kabudula Community Hospital, Lilongwe District, Malawi … For expectant mothers in Malawi the required items they must bring to the hospital at the time of their delivery can be out of reach to locate or even purchase. The Action for Progress and Malawi Project teams had arrived that morning to donate the supplies that expectant mothers, and the medical teams, would need for the birthing and aftercare process. (In far too many cases neither group could afford these purchases.)

As the Isuzu glided to a stop the hospital director, Dr Mackson Zephaniah, was ready to greet us. He took us to his office and quite efficiently, using graphs and charts on his computer, outlined the state of healthcare for mothers and babies at his facility. He highlighted the higher-than-average mortality rate that he felt was partially caused by a lack of supplies and equipment that could improve the way the hospital treats problem cases. 

Then he led us to the area where expectant mothers were gathered. The room was full to overflowing, with some moving about the courtyard. We learned there were even others in another part of the complex.  The reason for our visit was explained and smiles spread across the room like sunshine in Florida. Suddenly they realized they did not have to worry any longer about buying these items, and it relieved them of a cost many of them could not afford. The women burst out in a song of appreciation as the team prepared to distribute the baby packs to each woman. The excitement seemed to rise as each woman received her package.

Along with Wilson Tembo and Griven Kasalika, from the AfP team, the Malawi Project team of Bryon Bhagwandin, his wife Sarah, and daughter Leila were honored to help distribute the baby packs. 

For more information about the Malawi Project’s Baby Pack Program, write to:

Baby Packs - Kabudula Hospital - 8.23
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