Southern Malawi, … In our previous story the cyclonic winds and high water from Cyclone Freddy had just swept Justin Yasini, his wife, and their two sons down steam in the high waters. Justin was scared and feared his wife and sons were gone forever. It was at this point that Justin believes he was part of a miracle and experienced the grace of a loving God. 

Just as he believed his wife and sons were gone, he heard a woman screaming somewhere in the dark. He felt his place in the reeds was safe, but she certainly was not. He had carried a torch (flashlight) with him when he left the house. Amazingly he switched it on, and the light came to life. He pointed it toward the sound, and it revealed his wife, weak and partially buried in the sand and giant boulders that were being pushed along the riverbank. He pulled her to safety, and they struggled to higher ground. But there was no sign of their sons. In the darkness they had been separated and the boys may have been carried away in the storm.  

Then news reached them that their children had been rescued by some men and were alive.

Justin and his family lost their home, his hawker (vender) stand, and Justin’s beloved carpentry shop. Yet, when Justin relates the story, he sings a song of praise to God for the rescue of his family. However, their problems were not over.

In just two days his and his wife’s injuries worsened. They were in severe pain and needed immediate medical attention. Their problems deepened when they learned the nearest medical facility had been washed away in the storm, and the road leading from the village to the outside world was impassable. Local volunteers reacted to their need and cleared a temporary route to get them to a road where they could be taken to Blantyre for medical attention. 

The family survived the flood but needed help to survive its aftermath. Justin’s then encountered representatives from Action for Progress. His heart was filled with gratitude when they offered him food, clothing, and a Bible. Tears welled up in his eyes as he held the Bible in his hands, a symbol of faith and strength in the face of adversity.

Today, the damaged infrastructure remains little changed in southeastern Malawi. People remain without food, clothing, shelter, and jobs. Yet the world has grown silent, the media has grown mute, and the aid groups have left the area.  The people of Malawi continue to suffer. We must remember them.

Neither Action for Progress, nor the Malawi Project have forgotten the people in Southern Malawi who continue to suffer. It is our plea that supporters will continue to remember them as well.

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