Several years ago, Lesley, a registered nurse in eastern Michigan, helped gather pill containers for Malawi. Later that effort ended with the shipment of over four million containers, but she was unaware of its conclusion.  When she wrote asking if pill containers could still be sent, she learned it was over. This did not turn her away. On the contrary she began exploring another program being carried out by the Malawi Project. It was the Baby Pack Program.

Lesley explored the way the program is handled, and the desperate needs of expectant mothers and their newborn babies at the time of delivery. This touched her. When Lesley, her sister Kelley, and their mother Merrie, realized the simple items that were needed, and their importance, they all decided to start making baby packs. Lesley and Kelley are both nurses and their mother is a retired dental hygienist. 

The women started a “Go Fund Me” page and sought the help of their friends. Their goal, at first, was 50 kits, but before long they raised their goal to 100. Then they reached 200. Recently, with the help of Shaklee Products (who sent a donation of 1,000 bars of soap for the kits) they raised their target to 1,000. Lesley says she has become a regular at thrift shopping and has a lot of fun collecting the items and putting them together. She confesses this program has changed her life. Her mom uses the words like, “addictive” and “Spirit led” when describing their work.

For more information about how you, your church, or your organization can become involved in the Baby Pack Program contact Suzi Stephens RN at:

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