Miami University Team Makes A Difference

Miami University Students & Faculty Make a Difference!     "It was well worth it." This was the conclusion after a group of 21 volunteers from Ambassadors for Children, including 13 students and 1 faculty member from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, endured the 20+hour air flight journey to Malawi. Everyone instantly fell in love with […]

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Go Away Cursed Darkness, Go Away

Things Are Really Looking Bad, Woe Is Us     The nightly news sounds like a catastrophe happening. Oil Prices Around the World Hit Record High African Dictator Threatens to Kill the Opposition Bankruptcy Appears Possible for World’s Largest Car Make Record Numbers of Children Around the World in Slavery Roadside Bombs Kill Large Number in

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A Thousand Words Can Never Describe

    How can words ever describe the plight being faced by children like little Madalitso (Blessings) Batison in Malawi, Africa? No amount of words can begin to describe the uphill battle for survival in an all too unforgiving land where poverty and the lack of medical care, or social services makes it nearly impossible for

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The Wrong Kind of Medicine

    A Cow Manure Solution     A father of a six year old came to the gate, "madam PLEASE help my boy for he is not getting better he is getting worse… My son had an accident and he was burned by boiling water one week and some days ago."     The man was asked

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You Are HIV Positive

Hearing the News that “You Are Positive” “Malawi doesn’t have the same strictness about privacy that we have in the US,” I tried to explain to my guest from America as we both stiffly watched the scene unfold before us. A nurse who was showing us around the clinic had seated us in a little

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A Sausage for Your Illness, and Your Learning

I learned This from A Sausage Tree  It was a hot July afternoon in the lower Rift Valley and the African sun was beating down unmercifully. We had finally found a hiding place under the forest canopy at the Liwonde Game Park. Most of the teams who had come to work during their summer vacations

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Struggling Against The Odds

The Fishermen of Nguwo Village         Senga Bay, Malawi … The wind was blowing in from the lake with an intensity that caused white caps to lunge on the shore as though they were locked in some sort of grudge fight. The morning sun reflected its blazing rays against the grey-blue water in order

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Not About Money

Don’t Pay Me Anything!     "Don’t pay me anything. Life is not about making money; it’s about helping." With these words Singini Bandawe shrugged off my attempt to compensate him for the fuel and wear and tear on his vehicle that he had expended for me that morning.      I had just met Singini a

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Hope In The Distance

    Chiotha Village, Malawi … The rays of the African sun seem to penetrate through the thinning white hair on the back of my head, and tiny beads of sweat trickle down the back of my neck and gather near the small of my back. The rainy season is coming in the sub-Sahara, but first

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Education Moves Malawi Toward Its Future

The Key to the Future Is Found in a Textbook      "Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery." Horace Mann (1796-1859) U.S. educator     It is no secret that the key to the future for many of the

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