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Members of Malawi Project and Action For Progress visit Joseph project site

During a recent visit to Malawi three members of the Malawi Project’s board of directors, along with two members of the Action for Progress board, visited the Joseph Project 2 building site. In spite of inadequate rains that contributed to crop failures in 2018-19 the committee for the 18 participating churches who have gone together to accomplish this program are quite optimistic. They are now anticipating success in the coming year. With three of these programs now in effect Action for Progress is making plans for Joseph Project 4 in coming months.

Pictured are Richard Stephens, five members of the local committee, and Bryon Bhagwandin and Ron Pottberg of the Malawi Project.  Second row is Chester Kabinda-Mbewe. Behind the camera is Wilson Tembo of Action for Progress. This building was completed before Action for Progress picked up the responsibility for future operations.

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