Lilongwe, Malawi … It is a simple, standard, cement block, nothing unusual, nothing to write home about, nothing to stop and gaze at in wonder. …Just a single cement block.

            It is just a simple wall, nothing unusual, nothing to write home about, nothing to stop and gaze at in wonder, and nothing to cause conflict. …Just a simple wall.

            Now, multiply the number of blocks, stack them on top of each other, place mortar between them, organize them in straight lines, and you create a simple, protective wall.

            In this case you are using the wall to protect the contents of the distribution hub that stores and distributes millions of dollars in medical, agricultural, and education aid all over Malawi each year. The Malawi Project, and contributors in several other nations, send millions of dollars in supplies each year to aid the nation. This calls for protective measures for the valuable resources until they are forwarded to their final destinations; schools, hospitals, churches, community co-ops, and groups of farmers all over the nation.

            The Malawi Project recently made the down payment on the purchase of a block making machine to aid Action for Progress in the construction of a protective wall around the Lilongwe property. This will supplement the protective assurances of tribal authority that crime will not come to the distribution hub. Also, this will give added security to the watchmen who patrol the AfP grounds every night to assure the safety of the property and goods shipped in from several countries.

            An additional $10,000.00 is needed to complete the purchase of the block making machine. With this asset it will be possible to construct the protective wall around the warehouse and the cost outlay for the entire wall, plus the purchase of the machine, will be less than quoted by outside contractors to complete only the wall itself. After the wall is complete the block making machine will be available to construct other buildings on the property as well as to assist other projects in the community. The resulting funds will help offset the administrative costs of AfP and help it to be more independent of outside support. 

            What can you do to help? To build the wall and purchase the block making machine will require the $15,000.00 purchase price, along with funds to manufacture 18,650 blocks. That is a total of $2.95 each block. That adds up to $ 29.50 for every ten blocks you donate, or $295 for every 100 blocks. Please help complete this wall before the rains arrive later this year. 

This makes the cost per block $2.95 each, not .94 as reported in the earlier story. We regret any confusion this may have caused. In coming days, we will post the current status of funds being raised, and the shipping status of the machine. The block making machine is completed, and as soon as testing is completed will be on the way to Malawi.

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