Dan’s Goals in Focus

Heber Springs, Arkansas … Dan Brewer, a member of the Malawi Project’s Board of Directors, and his wife, Debbie, own Abbe House Bed and Breakfast in Heber Springs, (listed on Trip Advisor as the #1 bed and breakfast in the area). Dan is a private contractor for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in Indianapolis, Indiana, serves as the preacher for a small rural congregation near his Arkansas home, and works tirelessly on behalf of the people of Malawi.  After a heart-touching trip to Malawi in late 2022 Dan added another item to his work resume, that of gathering every day desperately needed items for the people of Malawi.  

Since the first of the year, Dan has been appealing to contributors to join him in getting each item listed in the chart. Already two have been reached, soap and envelopes. Others are within reach with just a bit more push from contributors. 

Most of the items on Dan’s list cost less than a dollar, very few are up to $5.00, and only a couple reach $10.00 or more. In most cases, these items can be ordered online and drop-shipped directly to the Lebanon, Indiana warehouse. (Malawi Project, 2421 Golfside Drive, Lebanon, Indiana 46052). In other cases, the next trip to Walmart, Target, Kroger, any of the big box stores, or one of the many drug stores that pinpoint intersections in most cities, will offer the opportunity to obtain one or two of the items on the list. They can then be sent to the Lebanon address destined for the next shipment to Malawi.  

Few times in the past 30 years have any of the goals of the Malawi Project been missed or fallen short. A positive response to this request will ensure this one does not fall short either. Supplies or funds to send the supplies to Malawi can be directed to the Malawi Project at the address listed above, or through the web at: www.malawiproject.org/donate

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