Atlanta, Indiana … Almost from the beginning Murry Dixon has been part of the success of the Malawi Project. Whether filling trailers with supplies, handling paperwork and logistics of a warehouse of supplies, telling friends and neighbors about the needs and opportunities, or raising funds to send critical assistance to Malawi Murry has been a person ready to step forward and help. Despite his taxing responsibilities as the Deputy Fire Chief for the Noblesville, Indiana Fire Department Murry has always found time to help people who are less fortunate. Now, he is at it again, working to raise interest and support for Malawi. His help comes at a timely moment because the southeast portion of Malawi still has nearly 2 million people homeless and displaced because of Cyclone Freddy this past March. The challenge Murry has placed on himself to help the people of Malawi through this bike effort is backbreaking, painful, and difficult. Still, he sets the goal and steps off into the “difficult” to help those who suffer even greater difficulties. Here is the background and details for this year’s challenge as described by Murry himself.

“In 2021, I had a hair-brained idea to ride my bike home from a family reunion in Alabama… and then that idea for adventure turned into a fundraiser for 2 organizations that I have been involved with supporting for many years. Both groups do work in Malawi (Africa). The Malawi Project is a humanitarian organization concentrating on things like medical work, food programs, orphans, education, agriculture, etc. The Malawi International Bible Institute is basically a small, 2-year seminary program.

The 2021 ride was 420 miles, and my fundraising goal was $4,200. The final total was $5,600.

In 2022, I repeated the process – this time riding from my house in Atlanta to the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. A 520-mile trip with a fundraising goal of $5,200. THAT final total was a whopping $9,779.42!

Many of you donated to one or both of those efforts, and Dan Milligan added moral support by joining me for about 80 miles in both years. Company is a good thing!

Well, I’m at it again this year. My goal is to do another 520 miles of “trips” that, when combined with the routes from 2021 & 2022, will represent a continuous route from the Gulf of Mexico to Sault Ste. Marie on the northern tip of Michigan (minus the 5 miles or so of the Mackinaw Bridge = bikes are prohibited).

Based on last year’s fundraising, I’ve decided to make the goal an even $10,000. And to balance things out conceptually, I’m adding at least 480 miles of local training miles – so, 1,000 miles of riding for $10,000.

  • The first trip is scheduled for this Saturday, September 9th = 60 miles from the Mackinaw Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie.
  • The second trip is local = 60 miles from my parent’s house in Wanamaker to my house in Atlanta. TBD, someday with nice weather & a southerly wind… and maybe on a day when Dan can join.
  • The big trip is planned for Oct 10-13 = 400 miles from Perdido Key, FL to Florence, AL (my original starting point in 2021).

I would appreciate your consideration in donating to my ride. Here are several ways to do that:

For NON-TAX DEDUCTIBLE (but convenient) giving:
Venmo = @maddogDIXON
Zelle = (317) 847-8593
PayPal = malawiprojectsales@gmail.com

With all of these, PLEASE send as a “gift” (avoids processing fees)


For TAX DEDUCTIBLE giving by check:
GREEN VALLEY CHURCH OF CHRIST (on the “pay to” line)
“MILES 4 MALAWI” (on the memo line)

You can either give me the check or mail it to:
PO BOX 575

And, if you care to follow the progress, you’re welcome to join the FB group — “Miles 4 Malawi” — where I’ll be posting some things along the way.

Thanks, everyone… and wish me luck!”

Good luck Murry, People throughout Malawi will be depending on you, and you deserve all the support possible.

Pictured: Murry carrying a box of needed supplies to a shipping container to get it on its way to the poor in Malawi.

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