Organization Focuses on Schools

Indianapolis, Indiana … The excitement with their year old organization was evident as Helen Humphrey and Claudia Smith described the vision for 10,000 Pencils, a non-profit group focused on sending school supplies to needy school children.

Helen, a native of Johannesburg, and President of 10,000 Pencils, and Claudia Smith, a native of Mexico City and a board member, traveled to Effingham, Illinois to meet with a Project representative to explore ways the two groups could work together in Malawi. Common interests were immediate, and the meeting brought agreement for the Malawi Project to use its resources to transport a shipment of school supplies to Malawi on an upcoming shipment. Monsanto employees in Malawi plan to distribute the supplies to the schools.

Within weeks Cris Handel, a native of Brazil and the third member of the Pencils board, along with her husband, delivered 2,000 lbs of school supplies to one of the Project’s warehouse facilities near Indianapolis.