Help, I’m Stuck and I Can’t Get Out!!

Demotte, Indiana … The headline is incorrect. Ryan Kats is not stuck, and he can get out. But that headline did get your attention, didn’t it? The fact is, Ryan is putting the final items in another trailer of mobility units from Demotte, Indiana. The volunteer staff from Mobility Ministries completed another trailer load of mobility units, and they are now headed for Malawi and nationwide distribution through Action for Progress in Lilongwe. This trailer is the eighth trailer from Mobility and brings the total number of carts to 1,581 delivered to Malawi. 

While the carts are donated free, it still costs to ship them the 9,000 miles to Malawi. Will you make a contribution today to help continue this program and a number of other programs that are helping people in Malawi to lead independent lives?

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