Heroes In The Sub-Sahara

Lilongwe, Malawi … A truck inches onto the highway and falls in behind a lone car traveling north from the capital. Traffic is much lighter than previously, the effects of nearly two years of the deadly Covid Pandemic. The government has pleaded with people to wash hands, wear masks, social distance, get the vaccination, and when possible, stay inside. People have heeded the warnings. Despite warnings that none of these are 100% safe, widespread acceptance has been evident. The advent of the Covid Pandemic has highlighted heroes in nearly every walk of life as, no matter the threat or cost to themselves, they face the danger and set out to help and rescue others. This is not a story about the Pandemic itself, but a story focused on a small group of true servants and real heroes who have ignored the threat in their focus on the need to help others. These people deserve special recognition for their unselfish commitment at a time their own health could be compromised. 

As more and more statistics come forward it is evident the degree to which the Covid Pandemic has destroyed commerce, government, freedoms, and everyday life, not to speak of the over 5,670,952 people (As of 2022.01.29) who have died worldwide. However, this has not deterred those working with Action for Progress. They have ignored the threats to their own well-being and pressed on to deliver PPE supplies to hospitals, healthcare facilities, government agencies, community groups, and churches nationwide. 

After receiving the supplies, Mrs. Nancy Kamwendo, the principal nursing officer at St John’s expressed profound gratitude for the donation. Her appreciation would later be reflected in the same heartfelt appreciation expressed by others. 

Mr. Robert Tauka, an elder in the Mzuzu Church of Christ, the group that handles distribution in the northern region expressed support for helping the government-operated hospitals. “We know healthy people are productive to the country’s economy, and we also know the church should focus not only on the spiritual realm but also on providing safe and healthy lives here.”

On this trip, nine hospitals, the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom), and the Malawi police service were each given 2 cases of hand sanitizer and 8,000 face masks. Everyone on the distribution teams returned to their homes enriched by the experience, and safe from the Covid.

2- Distributing PPE's
3 - Distributing PPE's
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