Mzimba, Malawi … As the bread winner for his family Livingstone Kumwenda has been responsible for putting food on the table and sourcing the funds needed to send his children to school. But in 2014 everything changed for this resident of Bwengu Village. That year he suffered from epilepsy. While this was a problem, the real problem did not start until 3 years later. In that year Livingstone made his way to his business where he suffered from a seizure and fell into a fire. The burns left his left leg in critical condition. The only hope was to amputate his leg. From that day onward it has been extremely difficult for him to carry out his family responsibilities. 

            After the amputation, Livingston could no longer gather wood for his business which meant he had to buy from others at a much higher cost. However, despite the setbacks he has not settled for complacency, and he still looks for a way to support his family. He has dreamed of expanding his hoe handle business into a full carpentry and joinery enterprise. 

            Action for Progress was alerted to Livingston’s plight and planned to deliver a mobility unit for his use. Upon receiving this means of transportation he expressed his happiness, saying this unit would help him to operate his business, expand it to meet his dreams, and support his five children. “You are making the world a better place for vulnerable people like us to live,” he said.

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