Linthipi, Malawi … Water must be available to sustain life, and this means where people are there is water. However, the fact that water is available does not mean it is clean water, nor does it mean there is an ample supply year around.


Malawi is the most densely populated nation in Africa, based on its land to population ratio. This indicates water. However, much of Malawi’s drinking water comes from surface water that may easily be contaminated, boreholes that are long distances from the villages, or streams that run nearly dry 6 – 7 months out of the year.


A Northern Indiana teen-ager recently took steps to help one location with its water problems.


Shanna, a high school sophomore, attended a church conference where she listened to the inspiring story of another teen who raised the funds for a borehole in Africa. She left the conference determined that she could make a difference for another group of Africans.


After researching the places in Africa with the greatest need Shanna settled on Malawi. She set out speaking to area churches, set up a gofundme page, and sought the assistance of family and friends. In a year she had sufficient funds to find someone who could administer her project. She contacted the Malawi Project. Members of the Project were aware of a number of places that badly needed boreholes. After consultation in Malawi the Dzidalire Development Agency, a local group working to bring development to the Dedza District was chosen to join in the project. Dzidalire interviewed contractors and obtained bids. A contractor was selected, and after a number of dry holes in this mountainous region, the company struck success just outside one of the largest villages. The borehole was near the main road around the mountain.


Thanks to Shenna, the area villagers must walk long distances to obtain water, and no longer do they need to worry as to whether the water is pure enough to maintain good health. The commitment of a high-school sophomore changed everything for the heath and well being of hundreds of people.

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