Lebanon, Indiana … At a recent luncheon meeting the Rotary Club of Lebanon, Indiana recognized the work being carried out by the Malawi Project with the donation of a big check for $1,000.00. Pictured from left to right are Ken Keene, Bookkeeper, Dick Stephens, co-founder, and Jim Messenger, Treasurer. The check was for presentation purposes, and of course, could not be taken to the bank. However, another more appropriate check was presented to the Treasurer, who is also a member of the Lebanon chapter of Rotary International. This chapter was formed in 1920.

During the same week, three trailer loads of supplies were donated by the Methodist Children’s Home in Lebanon, and in recent weeks four area schools have made sizeable book donations to the Project. This emphasizes a growing community awareness and interest in the work the Malawi Project is doing 9,000 miles away.

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