Lebanon, Indiana … Nearing the end of the year three shipments of supplies were making their way to Malawi. For some people the number 13 signals bad luck. But for the people of Malawi, this number will be seen as a blessing from God.  Thanks to Kristy Scott and the staff and contributors at World Emergency Relief, funding was made available to send a 40-foot container of badly needed medical supplies and equipment. Additionally, a consignment of doxycycline was added to WER’s assistance for the year. 

Included with the medical supplies in the 13th container, (made possible by a major contributor in southeastern Ohio), is a large amount of clothing donated by Walmart (through a cooperative effort with the Eagle Creek Church of Christ in Indianapolis). Much of this shipment will go to the area affected by Cyclone Freddy, where 2 million people were displaced in March. Despite that being over 8 months ago, many people are still without homes, clothes, food, and jobs. Action for Progress is making repeated trips into the disaster area to lend a hand of support.  Reports indicate most of the aid groups that rushed in after the storm struck in March have moved on to other problem areas of the world. 

Within days of this shipment leaving Lebanon, Indiana, a container with 231 mobility units left Demotte, Indiana, and a shipment of doxycycline raised the number for 2023 to 15. 

All three containers will reach Malawi by the middle of February 2024. 

Pictured is Billie Smith, a volunteer in Lebanon, Indiana positioning a pallet in the container that left Lebanon, Indiana on October 17.

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