Leniya on her mobility unit holding a bible
Leniya on her mobility unit holding a bible

Chalasikaopa Village, Malawi … Even though she was born with deformed legs, and has never walked, there are other things that include the word “never”. She has never been to school. She has never married. She has never stopped attending church services, she has never stopped running a small business, and she has never given up hope. Here name is Leniya Hebert, and she lives in Central Malawi.

When Leniya learned of the possible availability of a mobility unit, with the help of her nephews, they traveled 20 kilometers to request such a unit. “We heard about Action for Progress from some people, and they urged us to come and ask for assistance,” she explained with confidence.

For the past 25 years Leniya has had to crawl on the ground where-ever she tried to travel. She would cook fritters for sale and send children to the market to sell them. She has never missed church services and loves to worship God. With the support from Mobility Ministries, the Malawi Project, and Action for Progress a new mobility unit was recently made available to her. And, thanks to donations from churches in northwestern Indiana, a Bible was also given to Leniya. While she was never able to go to school to learn to read or write, Leniya explained who she learned to read on her own with the help of people from her village. 

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