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Kasalika Repeats What He Observed 

Grivin Kasalika in the warehouse

Griven Kasalika was born to a well-known family in Mponela, the Kasalika family. His grandfather was a highly respected preacher who established more than 225 congregations in his lifetime and would be the person Griven would aspire to imitate. His grandmother was well known for her community service to those in need. Known as Chifinaro as a small boy, the notoriety of his family did not afford him a carefree life of ease. His mother died when he was 2, and his father when he was 9. This left him to grow up under the tutorage of his aunt Eunice, and his grandparents, Eliam and Enelyce Kasalika Banda. In spite of the good this family conveyed on others their own lives were often filled with struggle. For young Grivin an uphill struggle often dogged his path. During primary school he sold paraffin (a half liter every 2 or 3 days) at the Mponela Trading Center so he could obtain enough money for school suppliers such as ball point pens and exercise books. He is quick to admit it was his grandfather that taught him about living a life of commitment to God, and his grandmother’s love that helped him stay focused on school despite the challenges from the lack of school fees, food and clothes. At times the Malawi Project, the very organization that Griven works beside today in Lilongwe gave him food and clothes. Griven grew up watching members of the Malawi Project serve poor people in his community.

Today Grivin is an assistant to the Executive Director of Action for Progress. In spite of his volunteer status Grivin shares a great deal of responsible at the sprawling Action for Progress distribution hub near Lilongwe. He is well qualified for the job as he has earned a diploma in Business Management with a UK board-Association of Business Executive (ABE).  He helps with the staging of supplies, maintaining records and inventory, and distribution where the need is the highest. Wilson Tembo notes that growing up in the humble circumstances of the trading center has given Griven a humble attitude, and a strong desire to help others. He says, “Grivin has as his goal and purpose to serve and give back to community what life has given to him.”  Tembo continues, “Over the past few months Grivin’s performance has been excellent. He is my right-hand man. What excites me is his love for the job. This love is evident when Griven reveals his feelings about the work we are doing,” Tembo concludes.

Grivin Kasalika

After several months with Action for Progress, and the Malawi Project, and seeing the good that is taking place, Griven has seen the good that is taking place. He observes, “They work together for the common good. It is like a physical body, the Malawi Project needs eyes to see the need, and ears to hear the suffering of the people.  Action for Progress, on the other hand, needs extended hands to reach out to those that have knocked on their door. AfP extends the Malawi Project’s hand”. Grivin sees them as a brother-sister relationship, as they realize how their family, (or household status) works to end poverty. “It is like they are two blood related organizations geared to change the situation for all of the rest of the family members for the better”. Grivin continues, “For the time I have worked with Action for Progress, I have seen the hopeless people with no food. Action for Progress, with the hand of Malawi Project has come to their rescue. I have seen children, youth and adults with physical challenges who could never afford to purchase a mobility unit being helped. I have witnessed children whose educational journey was closed, now entering to classroom with an aid of a mobility unit”.   

Grivin is passionate about youth ministry, although the youth ministry has a major focus on evangelism, and bringing young people closer to God, he sees a strong relationship between encouraging young people to become servants to Christ, and the work of the Malawi Project and Action for Progress.  

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