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Indianapolis, Indiana, and Lilongwe Malawi … There are those moments when it seems the load is too big, the mountain too steep, the need too intense. The work looks daunting and the hours too few. One sits down and contemplates the road ahead, wondering if the next bend will bring more resources, more assistance, more aid, or will it bring defeat, despair, and downfall?

Then that spark of hope, that additional check, that word of encouragement, or that package of supplies from one we did not know was watching.

Each year the month of October brings those moments of renewal, hope, and expectation. It is when the appeal goes out for supporters to grade the success of the Malawi Project and Action for Progress. If the goal is reached the reward is a top-rated award and recognition from GREAT NONPROFITS for another year. This year we reached that moment of success and recognition in record time, the fastest our supporters have ever responded. From both Malawi, Canada, and the U.S. the words of encouragement have been posted and reviewed. Simply words of appreciation do not seem to fit, as the encouragement from supporters means so much. But, if the view of humanity’s limited way of expressing it, we say from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

To read what was said this year, or to add your observations about the successes being reached, go to

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