Malaria is Still the Big Killer

Lilongwe, Malawi … In a recent speech at a media training session in Salima, the National Malaria Control Program Manager Dr. Michael Kayange disclosed that malaria is killing more people in Malawi than Covid-19. 

            Reported in the Nyasa Times on December 20th, the doctor noted malaria is killing 2,500 people each year while Covid-19 has killed 2,300 people in two years despite the allocation of donations of K15.3 billion annually. (It took 813.6 Malawi Kwacha to equal 1 US Dollar on the day he spoke.)

            As though these two were not enough Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo, while attending the same conference, noted the increase in depression is leading to higher suicide rates among youth and adults in Malawi.

            One must keep in mind, as the rest of the world faces the crisis of the spread of the covid pandemic, Malawi has a crisis that is even worse. It is malaria, and it goes on and on year after year. The funds you give to help the people of Malawi can do more than just heal their bodies. It can give them hope for a better future, one free of such a multitude of diseases and threats to their well-being.

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