Matching Funds Needed For Truck

A delivery truck

Lilongwe, Malawi … Since the inception of Action for Progress* and the completion of the new warehouse in Lilongwe, the distribution of supplies has been hampered by the lack of adequate transportation capabilities.  Nine forty-foot shipping containers in 2020 and eight in 2021 create a formidable challenge to getting the supplies out of the warehouse in a timely fashion.  These supplies are destined for the poorest of the poor and go to locations nationwide free of charge. The expenses for distribution are borne by these two organizations, or in some cases by schools, churches, and hospitals that are called into service when other means are not available. When large shipments need to be delivered this lack of resources often impedes the delivery until vehicles come available. Then breakdowns disrupt planned deliveries and the high cost of renting a vehicle is often a major expense to both organizations and their contributors. 

A major foundation has offered a grant of $12,000.00 toward the purchase of a 3-ton delivery vehicle. The offer is in the form of a matching grant. Contributors to the Malawi Project must match this amount before the funds can be released and the vehicle purchased. The vehicle will be similar to the one pictured in this story.

As you review your upcoming year-end giving we are asking that you consider helping us with a one-time contribution to purchase the truck.

* (Action for Progress is the Malawi organization that interfaces with the Malawi Project to handle, distribute, and oversee incoming supplies.)

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