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May I Borrow Your Lane?

Traveling Near Dedza on M-1 in Malawi… We are traveling south of Lilongwe and as usual, it is alarming for Americans to see what looks like someone driving on the “wrong side of the road.” This is not the case. In Malawi, they drive on the left side, while in the U.S. we drive on the right side. In reality, there is no right or wrong. It is just different.

However, what is not “different” is when one watches oncoming traffic moving across the white line into your lane. Since Wilson is handling the driving, this gives me the opportunity to film the oncoming traffic and share it with you. 

While our experiences with the people of Malawi are warm, friendly and pleasant it is not the same when they get behind the wheel. Danger seems to lurk across every while line and when the oncoming traffic is crowded out of their space they simply float across the line into your space. It is sort of like everyone can use whatever part of the road they need to use. You are expected to give way even when they come into your lane. After all, when they don’t have enough space in their lane they share yours! Really!

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