Lusita Faindani

Hunger is growing worse by the day. “Where will I find my next meal?” Depression and anxiety have set in. Millions are going two or more days without food. The government has had to limit what you can buy, but so many cannot buy any. People are digging up banana roots and pounding them into a sort of powder to eat.

There is no food in the house of Lusita Faindani. Her and her three children, like millions of Malawians, are facing hunger. She is eating berries off the bushes despite the fact any one of them could be poisonous and kill her. Cholera is on the rise, with hygiene dropping as people try to fill their stomach with anything they can eat.

Lusita is unemployed and in the current economic situation there is little work available. Inflation is running at 25%. How can a person survive?

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