Mtisunge Chinthonje

Lack of food and necessities are causing children to drop out of school. Many girls are choosing to marry instead of attending classes. They are desperate to find food, and they are seeking any job they can find to help their guardians provide for their families.

Mtisunge Chinthonje is a 15-year-old girl whose dream is to one day become a doctor. She is a calm and soft-spoken Standard 4 student who believes hard work and determination will be the pillars that will support her dreams.

However, her academic achievements are being challenged because there is no food. She notes for this entire month she has gone without eating several times. No food morning, no food at school, and no feed in the evening.

In her family there are four plus her parents. There is no work, no cash, and no help. She smiled when she was handed some packs of food. It is a motivation for her to continue school. But what about tomorrow?

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