Mobility to a Miracle

Makwezi / T.A. Khombedza, Salima, Malawi … The odds are so against you, there is little chance your life will ever change. You are just a child, a small girl from a poor village family. Few visitors come to your village. In fact, few come even to this part of Malawi. Most are on the way to the big lake, but they will never notice you, your home, or your plight in life. It appears you are never going to be recognized, let alone receive the gift of a lifetime. However, from time to time, help does come in what some see as a miracle. That word fits for this little girl because she actually carries the name, “Miracle”.

Life for little “Miracle” started sliding sideways when she was only six-months-old. Like so many in remote, impoverished villages, the cause of her problem has remained rather vague. Tests often do not take place, good medical care is not available, and understanding of the problem (or its cause) is almost non-existent. Little miracle was no exception to this medical starved environment. 

Not being able to walk was just one of her problems, the second was her difficulty in talking. This created some questions as to whether she would be able to handle the unit on her own. However, in only minutes Miracle was moving about under her own power. No one needed worry, Miracle was living up to her name.

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