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Hope Digs a Ditch in the Earth

Lilongwe, Malawi … Some may see in this picture as a simple ditch, extending down through the rich, red soil of central Malawi. But to those who can imagine what will be on this site in just a couple of months, it is far more than a simple ditch.

  • It is hope for millions who need medical care in a country critically short of medical supplies.
  • It is hope for a better education for thousands of children who will receive school supplies that pass through this property.
  • It is hope for food during a famine and irrigation and storage systems when harvests are better, so village farmers can insure against future famine.
  • It is hoped that no longer will mobility challenged people have to crawl in the dirt but will receive mobility transportation units that change their lives.

So, for some this picture may represent a simple dirt ditch, but for those that understand the future, it is security for the insecure, hope for the hopeless, and a bright future for those who saw only darkness. It is the beginning foundation for the distribution hub for Action for Progress, and the Malawi Project, to serve the needs of the nation of Malawi.

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