Now I Can Help My Brothers and Sisters

Faison John’s Story
Faison JohnFaison John is a 25-year-old man from Chipasula village in the area of Traditional Authority Chitukula in Lilongwe District. Faison was born disabled and grew up never knowing what it was like to walk. This did not, however, keep him from making an attempt to be successful on his own. He has a small grocery about 3 miles away from his home. People were worried about Faison, and have advised him to stop this business because he has crawling from home to town for him to order the supplies for his grocery. Faison lost both parents and his relatives cannot help him. He is the oldest child in the family.

A few days ago a wheelchair was given to Faison from Free Wheelchair Mission and the Malawi Project. When he saw it one could see the tears running down his face. Faison wanted the world to know,

“Your gift has made it possible for me to care for myself and my brothers and sisters. We will be able to support ourselves, and not have to be given a hand out by others. Your example of helping me has given me the opportunity to tell everyone they must work hard to succeed, as I am doing. Let me be the example for all of them.”

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