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Groundbreaking for Hospital

Groundbreaking Dust devils dance along the ridge, down toward the valley floor, then disappear as though they never were. High Mountain peaks in front, behind, and in the distance form the backdrop for sweeping vistas that seem to extend forever. A strong breeze chases the dust away, and shakes the tarp that is attached to …

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Malawi Plants Its Future

On the Slopes Near Dedza         The problems keep coming, and the delay in getting away from Blessings means we will be late getting to the office of the Minister of Forestry for the nation of Malawi. I hate being late to any meeting, but to be late to a meeting with a government …

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From the Academy


Indianapolis, Indiana USA & Zomba, Malawi … At first glance you would think these folks were attending the Indiana Math and Science Academy on the North Side of Indianapolis, Indiana. You would think this because each of them is proudly sporting one of the Academy shirts. None of the Malawians in the picture have ever …


Landfill Sigh of Relief

Lebanon, Indiana … One must conclude that if a landfill had a mind and voice it would offer a sigh of relief over an estimated 1 million pill containers that have not been discarded during the past 9 months with the Malawi Project’s Pill Container Program. NOTE: THE PILL CONTAINER PROGRAM HAS ENDED. “Just imagine,” …

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Incentive Programs

The Malawi Project strives to build sustainable programs and strives to reduce the dependency of Malawians. We do this by coupling our programs with incentives to reach program objectives as well as create an environment where Malawians take responsibility for program goals and eventually run the programs. Incentive Shoe Programs The Shoes for Trees and …

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A Thousand People Fight Deforestation

A jovial mood characterized by dancing and singing recently occurred in the village of Msoma-Malosa in Zomba district. Drawn from seven area-wide villages, 580 women, men and children gathered for the event. But one must ask what calls so many people together for a joyous event? Believe it or not, it was a tree planting …

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Forest Fire Spawns Tree Planting Program

Malawi, Central Africa … It all started with a disastrous fire in a managed forest in northern Malawi ten years ago. A careless employee had left a fire unattended, and a very destructive wild fire followed.  The businessman who employed the careless worker was held responsible. He approached the Malawi Project with an idea, and …

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200,000 Bricks for New Hospital

200,000 Bricks Scott Gordon, President of the Malawi Project, was at the site in July for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new hospital. Nearby was the growing stockpile of bricks. He observes, “Can you imagine a pile of 200,000 bricks made one brick at a time, by hand? This is the commitment of the impoverished …

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Dzidalire – Word Means Self Reliance

Dedza, Malawi … “All too long aid to Africa has meant good intentioned people from first world nations delivering help to those who have little in the third world countries. This aid was often delivered with little thought as to how it could adversely affect the people who received it. Neither side seemed to fully …

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