Conservation Project Uses Bottles

More than 4,000 plastic water bottles, including coke and catsup containers, as well as various other plastic bottles have been collected all over Senga Bay.


In a campaign to clean up the bay area, and conserve natural resources, (including an attempt to slow dumping of more refuge in landfills), Senga Bay resident, and owner of Cool Runnings Guest House, Samantha Ludick has started a campaign to address the issue.


To date, the large number of empty containers have been used to construct a fence around a new nursery school at the Malawi Battalion Headquarters. (Our readers will remember the Battalion from their work in establishing a community library in Senga Bay). After seeing the fence at the school one of the men from the Battalion has started collecting bottles to build a kitchen outside his house.


A number of other conservation projects are planned, including ways to clean up plastic bags that often litter the edges of the roadway and village area.


Ludick, owner of Cool Runnings, is always looking for ways she and her guesthouse clients can “give back” to the community where her establishment sits beside a long picture perfect stretch of sandy beach. For those who come to her guesthouse, they will find a comfortable, relaxed place away from the rush of the cities, and at the same time, if they choose they can participate in one of the many programs of community service that operate out of her establishment.


For more about Cool Runnings go to: https://www.facebook.com/coolrunningsmalawi/


Pictured is a long stretch of the wall along the east side of the new nursery school and a collection of additional bottles that will be used for the next conversation project in Senga Bay.





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