Police College Hospital, Zomba, Malawi … Most supporters of the Malawi Project’s now ended pill container program will recall how this program ended on such a successful note, having received approximately 4,000,000 pill containers. The bulk of the containers are currently reaching the public through the over 600 government medical facilities in the nation.

However, these facilities are not the only ones that dispense medicine. Others include the Police College Hospital in Zomba, one of the many recipients who received a large shipment of medical supplies and pill containers. Mrs. Mervis Litta, the officer in charge of Police Medical Services, made this observation about one of the many public service programs offered by local police departments, “We serve the general public, not just police officers.” In fact the Zomba Police Hospital has 65 beds and served over 3,500 people.

At the conclusion of the delivery, this one including a large number of pill containers, Mrs. Litta commented about the importance of the tiny vials,  “These pill containers are very helpful for the safe delivery of drugs.” Wilson Tembo who has worked with the Malawi Project since 1999 observed, “Many people must take their drugs home wrapped in a piece of paper. This way they will be safe, until the patient can use them.”

Mr.Tembo also added,“Mrs. Litta is planning to pick up more pill containers and deliver them to the other Police dispensaries at the Limbe Police Headquarters Dispensary, the Mzuzu Dispensary in northern Malawi, Namizana Clinic in Mchinji near the Zambian border, Mlangeni, 20 to 25 kilometers from Blantyre in the southern region, and the Mtakata Dispensary in Ntcheu and Dedza respectively, both in the central region of Malawi.”

(If you have pill containers you did get the chance to send to the Malawi Project before this program was concluded you can still put them to good use by contacting the following organization: http://m25m.org/pillbottles/ in Cincinnati, Ohio).