Lilongwe, Malawi … It is not the first time the Malawi Project has made national news in Malawi’s largest newspaper, THE NATION. Whether in education, agriculture, or medicine the Project has been repeatedly recognized for its contribution to the development of Malawi and her people. The most recent story to reach headlines lead with, “Project Supports Learners with Disabilities in Mchinji.”

The NATION newspaper noted the cooperation between a number of groups that made this program successful. Wilson Tembo of the Malawi Project called attention to the support given, not only by the Malawi Project, but also from the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha), Namikango Mission of Thondwe, and Mobility Worldwide, and its Demotte, Indiana production facility who worked together to make the program a success, and 30 mobility units were distributed to needy children.

The town of Mchinji, the capital of a western district with an estimated 350,000 people, is 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles inside the Malawi border from Zambia, and 109 kilometers or 67 miles west of Lilongwe, the countries capital. From the Malawi Project’s warehouse in Thondwe, in the southern district, the distance is an estimated 340 kilometers or 211 miles. There are no interstates and, although the road is tarmac, it is single lane each way, and one must give care to an abundance of potholes that threaten the stability of the trip.