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Maize Field


In northern Malawi, near the southern edge of Mzuzu, the district capital, a group of church members from the Kajiti Church of Christ joined with members from several other churches to create farm clubs. It is their intent to fight hunger and improve their lives. Swadick Mbale poses in front of one of the corn …



Tractor Arrives in Time for Next Season Thondwe, Malawi … Tom shut off the engine and blocked the wheels after carefully guiding the blue and yellow V-Tractor into the semi trailer at his manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Indiana. After packing medical supplies, empty prescription vials, and eight-kidney dialysis machines the doors were closed and the …


V-Tractor, Soccer, and Responsible Action

It is hard to see how a V-Tractor, members of the Senga Bay Soccer Team, and buckets of sand can equal responsible action, but it happened in this Lake Malawi village area. It started three years ago when the Malawi Project and Agricultural Aid International made available two of the innovative, new, farm tractors designed …

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Malawi Finds More Uses For V-Tractor

Senga Bay, Malawi …“It was our plan to design a new, innovative farm tractor that would be simple, yet capable of doing multiple tasks,” stated Tom Rich, the inventor of the new piece of mechanized farm equipment. “We have been surprised and quite pleased to see the tractor fulfilling tasks we had not anticipated.” One …

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V-Tractor Takes on the Ants

Insects Threaten Camp Senga Bay, Malawi … Located in one of the poorest nations on earth the small lake resorts along the beaches of Lake Malawi must work especially hard to maintain enough business to survive. To lose revenue can be serious, and to loose it for a long period of time can be critical. …

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V-Tractor Called in Emergency

Senga Bay, Malawi … The shock came as owners and managers of businesses all along the beach front viewed the problem each in the morning. Sometime during the night large masses of debris had washed up on the beaches interrupting any plans for visitors to visit the beach areas until it was cleaned up. It …

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Third V-Tractor Begins Field Cultivation

Tribal Chief Mdelakwanda, the traditional authority over a number of fishing villages in Senga Bay, Malawi, looks on in amazement at a unique tractor design that exists no place else on earth except Malawi. Not only is he surprised and puzzled by this exclusive farm tractor, the same surprise and excitement is soon seen on …

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The V-Tractor Update

The V-Tractor is Hard at Work Like many parts of Malawi, the area around Thondwe (in the southern part of the nation) is extremely rich with natural resources. Trees, hills, animals, water, and much more are all naturally a part of daily life for the people around Thondwe and the Namikango Mission and Maternity Hospital. …

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V-Tractor Offers Hope For Progress Out of Poverty

Few Jobs, High Mortality, and Low Literacy Rates In these economically troubling times in the western nations it seems no job is certain.  As we watch the unemployment rate sneak up to 5%, 6%, and higher and we rightfully fret over our friends and family whose jobs may be threatened. Imagine 80% Unemployment Imagine a …

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One Strange Looking Device – The V-Tractor

httpv:// It derives its name from its objective of being a village tractor for use in developing countries, in this case Malawi. It derives its existence through the creative work of inventor-entrepreneur Tom Rich of the L. T. Rich Manufacturing firm of Lebanon, Indiana. It became a reality after five years of imaginative thinking, thorough …

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