Six Groups Cooperate with Aid Package

His Name is Not Isimach
His name has been changed to Isimach in order to protect his identify, but he is a real person, and so are the families that are helping him. Although many people and groups make aid contributions to Malawi, in this particular case there are five groups cooperating in order to assist this family. It has taken place through a recent air shipment of medicine from the Netherlands, with assistance from an aid group in the U.S., one in Canada, two groups working together in Malawi, and the Malawi Project in the U.S. Without any one of these key players, and without adequate funding and support, the medicine Isimach and his family needs would not be available on the hospital shelves.

Isimah was once a TB patient. “Without this medical facility I would be dead,” he says. “Now I can see the future with hope. My health has improved, and I am thankful to God for the assistance I have been given.” Isimah is referring to the Machinga District Hospital, a facility in critical need of medical supplies and equipment and serving a population area (catchment area) of 538,345 people.

Wilson Tembo, from the Namikango Mission, during his visit to deliver the medicine shipment to the hospital observed, “As I looked it was evident much more was needed. They lacked gloves, chlorine, BP machines, oxygen concentrators, and suction machines, among other things. These medicines will help greatly,” he noted, “but the problem is so great. We are still critically short of some many supplies.”

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